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Royal Spice in VRUNWAY Magazine

1 of 8 Runway Collections from LSURE with Flying Solo was exhibited in the New York Well-Prestige Magazine - VRUNWAY 2022.

Hundreds independent designers around the world from Paris, London, Milan and New York are part of this beautiful yet innovated collections. 

These runway collections also includes high-end fashion brand such as Burberry, Chanel, Coach etc.

Royal Spice in NYFW

8 Runway Collections from LSURE in this amazing fall.

The collections are inspired by Indonesian Inheritance thousand of years ago where most women in Indonesia before came from Royal Relations.

They were elegant, sophisticated and chic at the same time.

All these pieces are made by combination of Batik and modern fabrics which turn out becoming unique masterpieces that you have never seen before.

Fenty Kuropatski, who is a designer, has picked 3 stunning beautiful Batiks from Indonesia because of each design has a great story behind it. Since she is from Indonesia and Indonesian Batik has been recognized as an historical fabric of human civilization by the UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity list in 2009.

These 3 Indonesian Batiks designs are from Batik Keraton, Yogyakarta and West Java. All designs reflect great Royal Stories and they are from different famous regions in Java Island, Indonesia

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