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November 19, 2017

Central Park is an urban park in Manhattan New York. What I have learned that more than 42 million people visit Central Park every year including me. It is one of the famous parks in the world and one of the first public parks built in America. It is 843 acres big and located in the middle of Manhattan. It was designated a National Historic Landmark by the US Department in 1962. You will find endless things to do in Central Park, a lot of attractions going on, more than 100 activities and events, many concerts, sports events and even Zoo that you can see. What I love about it is the green and cleanliness of the park. 

The "Halloween" Pumpkin

October 06, 2017

Halloween is here in every fall season, every year we celebrate Halloween and Thanks Giving. When I drew this orange fruit harvested in October I was in my side yard looking at the decorated pumpkins. I have 5 pumpkins in my yard and most of them are like this picture. Pumpkin is rich in vitamins and is used to make soups and also desserts such as Pumpkin Pie - Pumpkin Pie is my favorite dessert especially when Thanks Giving day comes. The facts about Pumpkins are they are low in calories, fat and sodium but high in fiber. This fruit is very good for those who want to lose their weight and stay healthy like me.

The "Brave" Tiger

June 20, 2017

My father is my inspiration. He taught me to alway keep positive attitude wherever I am. He is very loyal and also firm. One thing I always remember every time we were together with the whole family, "Be like a tiger - never be afraid to stand-up for everything you do and you will be fine." That is the reason why I drew this tiger. I love my father and I dedicate this for him as it represented him when he was still alive. He inspired me to be always accountable for what you do and what you have done also do your best. 

The Impractical Jokers

May 17, 2017

This TV show is unbelievably funny and awesome.

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