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Fenty Kuropatski

Hi there,

As you can see from my name, Fenty Kuropatski, I am originally from the other part of the world, Indonesia. Starting when I was  a  very  young, I  have always loved  drawing. I joined drawing class as my extra curricular in elementary school and my teacher said one time "you will be a good drawer" but I did not pay attention to her. My high school season passed, then I graduated from computer science. After that I went to Australia to get more certificates on Information Technology and I had still not realized about this drawing skill. Back to Indonesia in 1997 I worked for the leading pharmaceutical company in 1998. After 2 years had been doing administrative job, my boss saw my skill and told me to design a flyer for an announcement. As a result my company then created a new department, Communications, which involved me in dealing with designing most of the time. Since then I became more actively doing what most of the Communications Department does for their organization. This job was so enjoyable and I felt excited every time creating a new design for either flyers, newsletters and logos. Again I still did not quite see that drawing is my passion.  


Then I moved to the United States in 2010, New York, to experience a new culture. Here, I am working for the cafe bakery as a shift manager. Working in the hectic area, pulled away my finding of what my truly passion is. But believe it or not, when the cafe was not so busy and I as a shift manager got less hours than usual, during my spare time I then finally realized that I really want to start drawing again and this is it folks, from that time I said to myself to at least draw something every time I have my free time and I know it will give me so much enjoyment to do it.

Here I am....



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my beautiful country

Indonesia is a beautiful country. Its location is in Southeast Asia surrounding by Indian and pacific ocean. Indonesia is known as the world's largest island country. It has more than 17,000 islands with 5 largest islands throughout the country. I grew up on the 3rd largest island in Indonesia, Java. Jakarta which is the capital city of Indonesia consists of the largest amount of distinct native ethnics and groups with have more than hundreds of different languages.

I speak 2 languages beside English that I am proud of. I loved to travel to other island in Indonesia because of its scenes so stunning and beautiful. I like to draw whatever beautiful out there and would love to show it to you what I have done so far.

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